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Brazil Moinho

Stovetop Coffee Roasters

"King Louis likes to sleep in real late and eat lots of meatballs. In that order."

This fun and beautifully processed coffee comes from Fazenda Moinho - a farm owned and ran by Robson Velila Martins who is known for producing excellent coffee in Brazil. Robson offers some of the greatest working conditions in the area, by employing a small and specialized team, who give a lot of care to detail. He also owns Alta Vista Farm, which many recognize for its award winning coffee.  We look forward to share this mellow yet fruit-filled coffee with you!

Region : Mantiqueira de Minas

Process : Pulped Natural

Variety : Yellow Bourbon, Acaia

Elevation: 1100-1525 masl

Notes : Almond, Citrus, Caramel

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