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Brazil Peaberry

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Ever find a case of wine so drinkable you wish you'd bought a whole boatful? Did you notice you started drinking more wine just because it was so, well, drinkable? This is that kind of thing, but with coffee.

From Daterra Estates, this coffee is a blend of varietals that produce a mellow, nutty coffee that has very low acidity. Peaberry refers to a single small seed that develops in the coffee fruit instead of the normal two seeds. When the coffee is sorted by size for milling, the smallest screen beans, including the peaberries, are the final separation. Peaberries are found naturally in about 3% of coffee cherries.

Daterra is perhaps Brazil’s most refined coffee grower. This coffee is a favorite of the owner of Daterra Estate. It is nutty, rich, and smooth.

TASTING NOTES: Nutty, rich, and smooth.
BREWING HIGHLIGHTS: Lightly filtered or in a press pot.
REGION & GEOGRAPHY: Cerrado region (State of Minas Gerais) and Mogiana region (State of São Paulo).
ALTITUDE: 1,150m (3,800 ft)
PREPARATION: Pulped Natural

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