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Detroit Street Decaf

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Zingerman's goal for a decaffeinated coffee was simply to have a coffee that would taste as good as unprocessed coffee and that would make a great espresso. Detroit Street Decaf has always been a Central American coffee or a blend of Central Americans. It is currently 100% Guatemalan. Guatemalan coffees are, for us, perfectly balanced between acidity and sweetness, with a little floral in the nose and good body.

As obvious as this might sound, to make a good decaf you have to start with good beans. (Often the lesser grades are sent for decaf.) We use the same grade, 100% SHG (Strictly High Grown), that we use in our regular Guatemalan.

TASTING NOTES: A full-bodied blend of Central American beans
BREWING HIGHLIGHTS: Great espresso and filter coffee
ALTITUDE: >1,200m (4,000) feet

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