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Ethiopia Harrar

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Fruity, juicy and pleasantly tart.

We have a soft spot in our heart for Ethiopian coffees. 

They're known for big flavors of berry and bright acidic notes. They can be chocolate-y, winey, and even sweet, but above all they are always interesting—a real pleasure to drink. 

This particular coffee comes from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, a group of small cooperatives throughout Ethiopia. The coffee beans are dried using the 'natural process' which leaves everything but the skin on the bean as it dries in the sun. This process gives the coffee intensely fruity characteristics and this brew has it in spades: big flavors of berry, plum, and red apple. It has a juicy body with a light tartness and a soft, lingering finish. A complex, fruity cup of joe that's great anytime of day.

TASTING NOTES: Medium to light acidity, full body, with nice mouth feel and deep blueberry notes

Really tasty as a pour-over, Chemex, or press pot. The fruity high notes really sing when prepared as a siphon.

Oromia Region, Ethiopia


1510-2120 m


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