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Mokha Java

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Mokha Java is one of the few Zingerman blends and it’s a little bit of a “light and dark” blend. It combines the light roasted Ethiopian with some darker Indonesian coffees – Sumatra and Papua New Guinea.

The fruitiness and acidity (berries and citrus) of the Ethiopian is a good compliment for the dark roasted Sumatra. The Indonesians bring some thicker body, some smoky bits an also some fruit as they cool.

The name Mokha Java is a reference to two of the first coffee trading port cities (late 1500s). Java, Indonesia was known for coffee as it was a Dutch colony. The Dutch were one of the first great trading powers. Mokha is on the Red Sea in Yemen and no longer an active port. Yemen still produces coffee although the political climate is currently making it harder to obtain.

Tasting Notes: Dark & earthy with hints of blueberry

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