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Cauli-Oats Bundle


Brassi Cauli-Oats Bundle Includes:

Two Bags of All Natural Apple and Spice Oatmeal

Two Bags of All Natural Cacao and Coconut Oatmeal

Total of Four 12.3 oz Bags, 6 Servings Per Bag

Brassi Oatmeal is made with Cauliflower, Rolled Oats, Rice Protein, Flax Seeds and Coconut Sugar. 

Enjoy Brassi A+S with: Peanut Butter; Cranberries; Walnuts; Yogurt; Honey; or Granola

Enjoy Brassi C+C withAlmond Butter; Bananas; Strawberries; Yogurt; Maple Syrup; or Granola

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