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Papua New Guinea

Zingerman's Coffee Company

Single-origin Papua New Guinea is a rare coffee that'll appeal to anyone who likes dark, deep, rich flavors. Its mouthfeel is thick, its flavor can be chocolaty, its impact intense.

About 85% of coffee from Papua New Guinea is grown by smallholder farmers whose plots are scattered over demanding and sometimes treacherous terrain. Most smallholders grow around 1700 trees, but some grow as few as 20 along with a number of other crops. Sourcing a substantial volume of coffee from these small-holders in remote areas can be difficult. That’s why we were thrilled to find this selection from the Apo and Angra Cooperatives.

TASTING NOTES: Nutty & complex with a cocoa-like finish

We liked this coffee best with filter methods: pour over, immersion brewer and Chemex were our favorites.

Near Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea


4,700 - 5,000 feet

Fully Washed; Dried on Raised Beds

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